Web Harvester – Semalt Review

Over the last decade, we have witnessed an unparalleled growth in online content as well as Internet-based businesses. All these activities produce a lot of useful data and content that can be used to create even more content as well as drive ad-based campaigns. But, to acquire such material you would need to either spend hundreds of labor hours going through the web pages manually copy pasting the required data. And even after all this: the chances are that you would end up with irrelevant information that might also be already outdated. This is where Web Harvester comes into the picture.

Web Harvester can be compared to a scraper on steroids in that it downloads data from web pages and saves them locally. While it's almost impossible to identify this difference, it's more recognizable when it comes to the ability to scrap for multiple content varieties from different sources at the same time. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition in that you will have a continuous supply of relevant data and files for your ad campaigns as well as coming up with more competitive strategies.

Why Web Harvester?

The clean user interface is easy to use, and you will have no trouble navigating the different tabs. This will go a long way in ensuring that you have a high productivity rate while using this program. This is further enhanced by the simple setup and ease of access if you need to harvest content from a web page or a set of URLs just create a new project and paste the URLs in the window and click begin collecting. The app will then run an inbuilt browser that will allow you to view a sample of the website you want to0 work with and then you can proceed to choose what to extract. After that the tool will run on its own, automatically downloading files to local storage.

Web Harvester also allows you to specify how the content will be stored, supposed you were extracting text data from websites, you can choose if you want to export it in comma separated variables (CSV) or JSON feed. On the other hand, if you are extracting media files such as videos and pictures, you have the option to export them as compressed files or just raw formats.

Web Harvester Benefit

Unlike other tools in this category that usually limit the number of sites, you can work on at a single run or the number of files you can actually download: Web Harvester is the pay-for-lifetime software. This means that you just have to purchase the license once and you can then proceed to use the software for unlimited runs. This will save you money that could have otherwise been used to buy new licenses or to pick up another tool to do different types of scraping work.

It's important also to note that the program does not rely on third parties to offer any of its services. So you can rest assured that your work is in safe hands and that no one will have access to your research and marketing projects.